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Denoix Bar Shoe BAR

Denoix Bar Shoe BAR

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The Denoix Bar Shoe provides a wide support of the palmar aspect of the foot. Its palmar aspect fit with the anatomy of the palmar foot putting support under the bars. Its W shape facilitates adaptation of width of the shoe to the foot shape.

Characteristics: Wide palmar support reshaped according to the anatomy of the palmar foot
Protects the toe in horses with fragile dorsal hoof wall (e.g. white line disease)
Facilitates breakover

Indications: Podotrochlear syndrome (navicular disease)
Deep digital flexor tendonopathies/enthesopathies or distal check ligament desmopathies
Sesamoidean ligament (collateral, proximal, distal of the distal sesamoid bone) injuries

Sizes 4 - 10 in 3/8" aluminum.

Sizes 11 - 14 in ½" aluminum.

Sold as eaches. 

Resources: Size Guide

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